Wayne New just received his first major challenger for Denver City Council

Today, Chris Hinds filed for Denver City Council in a bid to challenge incumbent Wayne New for his District 10 seat. Hinds, a longtime Denver resident, he has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Finance and Strategy. His professional experience includes technical sales, web development, and financial analysis. Most recently, he’s been an advocate at the local, state, and national levels for transportation and disability issues.

“I told everyone that I would not run for office,” says Hinds, referring to how he can no longer move his legs. Hinds continues: “however, as of today, I am rolling for Denver City Council.” While he may be joking about his ability to walk, filing documents confirm that he is serious about challenging Councilman New for his seat.

Hinds was injured in a motor vehicle accident in 2008 in Denver that happened to coincide with Denver’s hosting of the Democratic National Convention. As a result, he uses a wheelchair for mobility. Hinds says the event has changed his outlook on life and made him refocus from his work to his impact on the community.

When asked why he’s running for office, Hinds says “I love Denver and I want all of its residents to thrive. Denver belongs to the people who live here, yet many of us are feeling left behind. It’s the little things. For example, if Denver invested in its crumbling – or sometimes nonexistent – sidewalks and brought them all up to code, that benefits everyone. Parents can easily push babies in strollers, kids can walk home from school, our seniors can get outside with reduced fear of falling, and those with disabilities get additional freedom. Also, everyone complains about parking in Denver, right? A vibrant sidewalk network reduces the need for cars to perform daily tasks.”

Hinds continues, saying “bringing different voices to the table is good for democracy and for the city. A more representative government makes us stronger, more inclusive, and more resilient. Unfortunately, there aren’t many politicians that are like me that I can look to for guidance, but that means I’ll have to make my own way when running for office. Fortunately, I already do that in my day-to-day life and have demonstrated to those around me that I can be a voice for my neighbors in part because of my distinct perspective.”

Hinds has been elected or appointed to serve on several boards such as Blueprint Denver, Capitol Hill United Neighborhood (a Denver Residential Neighborhood Organization, or RNO), Uptown on the Hill (a Denver RNO), his homeowner’s association, the Denver Commission for People with Disabilities (appointed by Mayor Hancock), and the Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities (appointed by Governor Hickenlooper). He has been an active member of the Democratic party on the local and state levels.

Although Hinds is announcing today, he already has an impressive number of endorsements from current and former elected officials, both Democrat and Republican.

For more information, visit http://www.ChrisForDenver.com/.