Did you know that The Denver Press Club is not wheelchair accessible? This is ironic for two reasons: first, despite the plaque on the wall of the building reciting the entire first amendment (ie freedom of speech), and despite its website’s homepage stating “Empowering Voices: a home for free speech”, the press club denies some people the ability to hear speakers or to speak inside the venue.

The second bit of irony is that last night’s event – which is open to the public (I obtained my ticket via Eventbrite, and the ticket specifically identifies me as a press club non-member) – is titled “A Brief History of Urban Development.” Wouldn’t an event that discusses urban development (and, specifically, “mobility”) be a better discussion if anyone interested in urban development could attend? Isn’t it an ironic oversight that a presentation on urban development was in a building that is a great example of what not to do with future urban development?

To be clear, my point is about equity and oversight. Denver needs to be a city that is great for all its residents, and when we attempt to plan the future for our great city without bringing everyone to the table, we open ourselves up to oversights that could otherwise easily be avoided.

FYI, the Eventbrite invite … notice there’s no mention of any barriers to entry. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-brief-history-of-urban-devel…

photo of Denver Press Club entrance