People supporting Chris

Endorsements of Chris Hinds for Denver City Council

Statewide Elected Officials

DIANNE PRIMAVERA (Colorado Lieutenant Governor)

DAVE YOUNG (Colorado State Treasurer)

It’s my honor to endorse Chris Hinds. I’ve worked with him on numerous issues that directly affect the lives of people in the community. His tireless work always delivers great results!

Colorado Senate

LUCIA GUZMAN (Senate Minority Leader)

Senate District 34 – Denver
LGBT Caucus

PAT STEADMAN (Joint Budget Committee Chair)

Senate District 31 – Denver
LGBT Caucus
District 10 resident

FAITH WINTER (Caucus Chair)

Senate District 24 – Westminster


Senate District 14 – Ft. Collins
Chair: Health Insurance and Environment
LGBT Caucus

“I have worked with Chris on many bills at the Capitol. Chris is a dedicated, intelligent individual and cares about the people of Denver and all of Colorado. I am proud to endorse Chris Hinds for Denver City Council.”


Senate District 22 – Westminster


Senate District 28 – Aurora

Union Endorsements

Teamsters Local 17
Teamsters Local 455
IATSE Local 7
National Postal Mail Handlers Union Local 321
Bricklayers Local 7

National Organizations

Blue Wave Crowdsource
Disability Voters
Progressive Democrats of America (Denver chapter – “Progressive Vote – Colorado”)

Other elected office


CU Board of Regents, CD1 (Denver)


Adams County Treasurer – ELECT

“I fully support Chris Hinds for Denver City Council. Mr. Hinds has a stellar record of public service and advocacy for inclusive community government. Mr. Hinds has developed a spectacular skill set in policy analysis and decision-making. Although I vote in Adams County (the 3rd fastest growing county in the nation), I want Denver, our neighboring county, to have the best City Council its voters can elect, to support good governance at its edges and throughout every district. Mr. Hinds’ qualifications and commitment make him an excellent choice for that role.”


Colorado State Board of Education, CD1 (Denver)


RTD Board of Directors, District E

“The challenge of being a person with a disability and running for office is that people think you’re playing a disability card. Chris Hinds has been dealt a new deck of cards, and he is going to play each one to impact the community in a constructive and meaningful manner. I wholeheartedly support Chris’s efforts in running for Denver City Council, District 10, and I hope you do too.”


CU Board of Regents, CD1 (Denver)
Currently youngest member of CU Board of Regents

Chris Hinds will get it done for Denver. His drive to serve is second to none. And his vision for inclusive and affordable communities is exactly what our city deserves.


Lakewood City Councilman, Ward 2


Littleton City Council and Mayor Pro Tem


RTD Board of Directors, District A

Colorado House

CRISANTA DURAN (Speaker of the House)

House District 5 – Denver
First Latina Speaker of the House in US history


Chair: House Select Committee on Climate Responsibility
House District 6 – Denver


House District 4 – Denver
Chair: Finance

“In my 8 years [at the Colorado State Capitol] I’ve seen many citizen advocates working on different policy issues, but I’ve never seen a citizen advocate, disabled or otherwise, work as hard as Chris Hinds for not just the disability community but for all communities in Colorado – trying to make Colorado a better place.”


House District 11 – Boulder
Chair: Joint Technology Committee
Chair: Local Government Committee
Chair: Public Health Care and Human Services


Vice Chair: State Veterans and Military Affairs
House District 1 – Denver


House District 50 – Weld


House District 33 – Broomfield


House District 30 – Adams
Jewish caucus


House District 9 – Denver / Arapahoe


House District 21 – Fountain

“I am very proud to endorse Chris Hinds for the position of Denver District 10 Councilperson. You will not find a harder working, more dedicated and innovative person for the job. Every task he tackles is under-taken with a level of dedication and attention to detail that ensures success. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know, work with and, most importantly, learn from Chris.”


House District 26 – Eagle/Routt
Youngest current member of the Colorado General Assembly

Chris is a true public servant who has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of Coloradans at the State Capitol. I am confident that he has the forward-thinking vision Denver needs in this transformative time.


House District 31 – Adams County


House District 27
First openly transgender Representative in Colorado history

Testimonials about Chris

Dan Pabon

“In my 8 years down here, I've seen many citizen advocates working on different policy issues. But I’ve never seen a citizen advocate, disabled or otherwise, work as hard as Chris Hinds for not just the disability community, but for all communities in Colorado trying to make Colorado a better place.”

Alec Garnett

“Chris Hinds is somebody who lives in my district who has been advocating on behalf of issues related to disabled parking for years and years and years. And he is really advocating in the right way. He gets to know his representatives, he attends every meeting that he possibly can, and while this really isn't the end of that fight, it really does symbolize how someone in the community can do a lot to represent a bunch of Coloradans.”

Joe Salazar

“This guy has been a stalwart fighter here at the Capitol for years, and as (Rep. Alec Garnett) has said, that's what a citizen activist looks like, right? That's exactly how things get changed here in the state of Colorado. When you have someone working with their elected official, and working with the political process. Someone who is willing to go to people who may not necessarily have the same ideologies and still sit and talk with them and educate them.”

Paul Lundeen

“Chris, you are a remarkable person. Your humility is always visible. Your humor is usually spot on - and we know that humor from a microphone can be a challenging thing, but you have brought it multiple times and we're all grateful for that. But most of all it's the humanity that you bring to the process that we in fact are engaged in.”

Dafna Michaelson Jenet

“I have worked very closely with Chris Hinds this session on the Colorado Disability Council, and what he brought to the table was invaluable in terms of research and information and advocating for the community specifically in this area - including a life-sized sign that was created to talk about what we do around disability parking that was taken to Washington, DC I believe - that was sent there by Texas, and not us, and the word is getting around, and it is getting around because of Chris Hinds.”

Chris Hinds for Denver City Council, District 10

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