Some have asked for my position on cannabis:

Legal cannabis supports the privacy, safety, and economic health of our city and its residents. I support legal cannabis, and that is why I testified in front of Denver City Council in favor of social cannabis outlet Utopia, a pot-infused spa concept, in June 2018. I support social cannabis outlets because I believe that it’s good for the public to have options, it’s good for consumers to know what they’re getting, and social cannabis outlets can help to ensure that much-needed tax revenues are collected to benefit our education system. Most importantly, this is the will of the voters, and it’s the right thing to do.

Denver is at the forefront of this budding industry (HA!), and we have an opportunity with legal cannabis to serve our residents and tourists while growing our economy. Social cannabis clubs give people who use cannabis for health-related reasons–including those people with disabilities or health issues who use cannabis as an alternative to opioids–a place to meet with others and participate in our economy. These clubs also give people who use cannabis recreationally a place to use away from others who do not want to be around it, including family members and children. Social cannabis clubs are spaces where people of all backgrounds, including people of different abilities and disabilities, can come together, enjoy each other’s company, and develop community. I will continue to support legal cannabis and places to consume responsibly, and look forward to seeing how this emerging industry will positively impact District 10.